The Baltic Nordic Accelerator is one of two cross-border business development programs of Accelerace Life and provides its services to selected startups in the Baltic region (Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania). The best Incubators and Accelerators from the Baltic region have joined forces to enable faster access to international markets.

The Baltic Nordic Accelerator business development program consists of three key components: mentors, labs and camps.

Your coach will be assigned specifically to your startup and be with you all the way, helping you plan your progress and deal with challenges. He or she will be backed by a team of industry experts to make sure that your strategies and decisions are suited to your market and your customers.

Accelerace Life labs are intensive work sessions where a team of industry-specific coaches help you review and develop your business model, assess your progress and tackle your challenges. These sessions are the drivers of your strategic planning and your chance to get expert feedback and advice throughout the process.

Accelerace Life camps are events designed to inspire and keep you updated with the latest methods and tools in entrepreneurship and business development. For some camps we gather all Accelerace Life companies in one partner country, giving you the opportunity to expand your network and share ideas and strategies. Other camps are delivered online.